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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Police in northern Ontario have arrested a man wanted in an alleged confinement of a 16-year-old boy in Nova Scotia.

DND Cuts More Painful, Deeper Than Billed
Let's Lose The 'Haters'
Cut The Trash Talk, MPs Urge
'Canada's Sweetheart' Barbara Ann Scott Dies
Canadian Food Waste Is HUGE
Ryan Painter: Justin Trudeau: The Opposition's Dream Target
Does Justin Trudeau have what it takes to lead the Liberal party out of third party status and into the light, back to "natural governing party" success? "While he has impressive achievements, they don't add up to a successful leader of a major Canadian political party. The missteps he's made will make an easy bullseye for a Conservative party that has been unafraid to stretch the truth to absurd lengths in the past. The NDP is not likely to give up the gains they have made without a fight, so attack ads from both camps are likely. In sum, Trudeau may indeed be the biggest liability the Liberal leadership contest has.
Erica Berman: Not a Biological Parent? How to Tell Your Child
As an infertility counsellor, I see a lot of clients who are using third-party family building strategies. This includes using sperm or egg donation and/or a gestational carrier. One of the many concerns these individuals have about family building using these methods is what they will tell their child.
Charlie Angus: How McGuinty Stopped a Train and Started a Fight
They call it "Black" Friday -- September 28th, the day passenger train service died in Northern Ontario. The loss of public transit has exposed a deep political divide between the north and south in Ontario. The train has always been the primary symbol of who we are as a region, and the decision to kill the Northlander will set the political discourse in Northern Ontario for years to come.
Craig and Marc Kielburger: Behind the Headlines: What Your Flight Attendant Really Thinks of You
We travel an average of 300 days per year and always thought no one cares what we wear on airplanes. Until Fox News online posted Flight attendant confessions. It surprised us to learn that the men and women who work the friendly skies are sizing us up so superficially beneath their neck scarves.
Dr. Kenny Handelman: Are ADHD Meds Safe?
A series of investigative articles in the Toronto Star this week bring forward concerns about serious side effects to ADHD medications, in my opinion, the article sensationalizes the risks, and provide no balance by pointing out the hundreds of thousands of kids, teens and adults who have been helped by these medications.

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