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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
Scott McAllister remembers well the meeting with the Monsanto salesman.

The third-generation Iowa farmer questioned the agricultural giant's peddler about his merchandise -- a new seed genetically engineered to withstand Monsanto's own Roundup brand herbicide. "Down the road, are we going to experience resistance in weeds with the continued use of Roundup?" he recalls asking.
No Mention Of Climate Change Or Environment During Presidential Debate
TransCanada Pursues 'Unprecedented' Pipeline
Shell Starts Exploratory Drilling In Beaufort Sea
Mitt Romney: Cuts To Oil, Gas Tax Breaks 'On The Table'
Washington's Hazardous Substances Tax Ruled Constitutional By State Supreme Court
Robert Redford: Fact vs. Fiction on Debate Night
I'm fairly sure Mitt Romney thinks he has an ace in the hole by using the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline against President Obama. So let's take a quick look at what he might say and what are the actual facts.
Heather Taylor-Miesle: Romney Gets the Energy Facts Wrong in Wednesday's Debate
The post-debate analysis is in full swing, and while pundits are talking about Governor Romney's aggressive manner and President Obama's subdued performance, the real story is how many times Romney strayed from the facts.
Michael T. Klare: The New 'Golden Age of Oil' That Wasn't
Those like Mitt Romney who claim that the United States can achieve energy "independence" by 2020 or any other near-term date are only fooling themselves, and perhaps some elements of the American public.
David Ropeik: Barry Commoner, Social Revolutionary Dressed in Environmentalist's Clothing
Commoner's passing reminds me that now I'm old, and the simplistic right and wrong/good and bad of my earlier environmentalist innocence has yielded to the crazy plaid complications of many issues.
Daniel Kessler: You Might Hear Some Wacked Out Stuff During the Debate About the Keystone XL Pipeline
Whoppers are to eat at the movies (yummy), not to have to deal with in politics. I hope this quick guide below helps you see the truth during the debate.

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