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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI's onetime butler declared Tuesday he was innocent of a charge of aggravated theft of the pope's private correspondence, but acknowledged he photocopied the papers and said he feels guilty that he betrayed the trust of the pontiff he loves like a father.
Shariah Or Not, Muslim Divorces Can Get Tricky
Toledo Mosque Hit By Arson
PHOTOS: Sukkahs: Jews Eat, Sleep And Give Thanks In Temporary Huts
7 Most Influential American Latino Religious Leaders
Blasphemy Laws: A History
Alan Miller: Spiritual But Not Religious: The Worst of All Worlds
Selecting a superficial mixture of "nice-feeling" items from Yoga to a slice of Zen and a moment of Tao is hardly progressive as far as options for humanity is concerned. They have jettisoned the hard work, diligence and observation of organized religion for a me-me-me what-ever kind of lifestyle
Timothy Beal: BibliFact Roundup: Conventional Snippets of Uplift and Hope
The Bible possesses a kind of iconic power in American culture that has little to do with its contents. Indeed, sometimes its contents and its iconicity clash.
Rev. Joanna Harader: Principles for Being an Offensive Christian
Jesus offended all kinds of people. You don't get nailed to a cross unless you tick somebody off. And the charge against him was blasphemy -- essentially offensive speech.
Lee Jefferson: What Are the Religious Issues to Watch for in the Debates?
The two candidates, Obama and Romney, both claim to be committed Christians. With Romney's Mormonism, observers of the election are wondering, "When will the Mormon card be played, or will it be played before November?"
Dr. Jane Aronson: Orphans and God
It's a late Indian summer night and the sounds of crickets are co-mingling with the whistles of trains going by. My sons are asleep and I am working. What is on my mind is what orphans think and know about God.

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