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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
"Make 'em laugh."

That could be the motto Jessica Holmes lives by. She's one of Canada's best known and successful female comedians, having opened for A-listers like Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres.

Why Is There A War On Wheat?
Ask Healthy Living: What Do Food Cravings Really Mean?
Real Life Sleeping Beauty
PHOTOS: What Happens When Mom Goes On Strike
How To Use A Medicine Ball In Your Workout
Natalie Karneef: Why "Trying" Is Different Than Having Sex
There is nothing less romantic or erotic than getting busy with the end goal of producing something that wears poopy diapers. "Trying" is really, well, trying. Anyone who thinks it's "the fun part" has never had to turn it into work -- relentless, scheduled, no-matter-how-tired-you-are, get-up-at-5:30a.m.-before-you-go-to-work, work -- which is then charted on graph according to basal body temperature.
David Usher: The Perfect Time to Get Creative is Now
We all have an image in our mind's eye of the perfect time and space to do our creative work. An amazing studio overlooking the ocean,eight uninterrupted hours where we can really focus and let our brains wander. And then a screaming four-year-old runs through the picture and it all comes crashing back down to earth. When it comes to creativity, conditions will never be perfect. So just start.
Andrea Traynor: Let Them Eat Meat! A Quick-Start Guide to Baby-Led Weaning
I was nursing my then eight-month-old who -- until that point -- was an ardent breastfeeder and had been gobbling up baby mush for two months with gusto. Then he started biting me. I turned to Google. I don't recall how many pages upon pages I looked at before stumbling across baby-led weaning. BLW in a nutshell: Baby starts eating once she can sit up unsupported and pick up her own food and put it into her mouth unassisted.
Yummy Mummy Club: Eight Essential Tips For Hockey Moms
I've been a hockey mom for about five years now. First with my older son who then moved over to speed skating and now with my younger son. Between their two schedules, I'm at a rink a minimum of five times a week. Through the years I've learned a thing or two about how to be an efficient, organized hockey mom and how to stay warm and well-fed while doing it. Here are eight rational rules for the rink to help you make it through hockey season.
Barbara Aleks Hecht: These Breasts Are Real and They're Mine
If you missed the first episode of The Bachelor Canada, then you missed all the boob talk. Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs. Why is it that some women are so fascinated with whether or not another woman's breasts are "real" or "fake"? Is a potato stuffed with cheese no longer a potato? I rest my case.

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