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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Food Informants is a week-in-the-life series profiling fascinating people in the food world. We hope it will give you a first-hand look at the many different corners of the food industry.
Dairy Workers Charged With Animal Cruelty
Deli Fighting To Copyright 'Philadelphia's Cheesesteak'
Anthony Bourdain And David Chang Partner For New PBS Show
Top McDonald's Menu Items Not Available In America Include Croque McDo, BigSpicy Paneer Wrap
Best Delivery Man Ever Saves Pizzas From Stun Gun Robber
Michael F. Jacobson: Amputation, Impotence, Painful Dentistry: Soda Equals Sadness
The Real Bears is an animated short film we produced in order to tell the truth about Big Soda. Jason Mraz was kind enough to write and record an original song just for this project. We may not have the big budgets that Coke and Pepsi have, but we do have the truth.
Anne Maxfield: Cheese: Two Lessons In Love And Affinage (PHOTOS)
If a little love makes cheese taste so much better, what does it do to everything else we eat?
Mary Orlin: Wine in My Lipstick
If you're a cosmetics junkie and wine lover like me, no doubt you've heard about skincare products and makeup that contain some form of beneficial ingredients from wine grapes.
Jesse Seaver: Businesses With Impact: The Greyston Foundation and Their Open Hiring Policy
Probably best known for its bakery, The Greyston Foundation is actually so much more. In fact, it is recognized as a pioneer in social enterprise.
Richard Jennings: Delicious Wine and Food Travel? Visit Rioja
The scenery in this Rioja is entrancing, ringed by picturesque mountain ranges and filled with vineyards and medieval hilltop towns. The locally grown food stuffs are super flavorful. The wines are delicious and full of history and interest. I am dying to go back.

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