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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
A conversation that began in the HuffPost UK office yesterday about what we wish we'd known as youngsters, ended with a list of thoughts from our readers that made us laugh and cry.

Read the touching, and sometimes hilarious, pearls of wisdom shared by our Twitter followers, when asked what advice they would give to their younger selves.

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Why Women's Minister Shouldn't Deny Women Later Abortion
This Just In: Beautiful Women Can Be Funny, Too
Win £350 Of Playtex Lingerie And Jo Malone Goodies
Heavy Coffee Consumption Could Lead To Blindness
Andy McCullough: Talk to Your Kids Before It's Too Late - One Child Runs Away From Home Every Five Minutes in the UK
The stats show that almost as many children run away from areas of high and low prosperity. It's boys as well as girls. And the most common age is 13-15-year-olds, though we've seen instances of far younger kids too.
Aaron Porter: Half of Secondary Schools Don't Have Girls Studying A Level Physics
One problem is that women still think of engineering as dull and male-centric. There is a pervasive image of grease, hard hats and building sites. But our research shows that girls are prepared to engage with engineering given the right motivation. They are also interested in the relatively high salaries that can be achieved in the sector, and why not?
Lucy Prichard Jones: Social Media - for better, for worse?
Phillip Rhodes: Art for Heart's Sake
Having seen the misery associated with divorce on many occasions, I hope that 'Hope Springs' encourages other, real-life couples to save their relationships rather than splitting up for good. After all, I'm sure I'm not alone in loving a happy ending.

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