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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Robin Roberts was released on from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon after receiving a bone marrow transplant.

Roberts tweeted a message to her fans on Thrusday morning, sharing the news that she was finally home.
Former 'Today' Viewers Blame Ann Curry's Ouster
'It's Not Like I Thought, Ooh, Wow, I'm A Woman!'
WATCH: Rachel Maddow Lets Loose
Soledad O'Brien Smacks Down RNC Chairman
WATCH: Jake Tapper Grills White House Over Libya
A. Siegel: @BarackObama Tweets on Climate Change
Retweet to encourage the campaign to discuss climate issues or not to retweet to avoid reinforcing the negative?
Scott Stenholm: Why Paul Ryan Is (Mostly) Right About the 'Liberal Media'
What is never answered when Paul Ryan and others paint the media in such a partisan way is why that is. Why is the mainstream news media so historically liberally biased?
Scott Shamberg: Facebook's Commercial: No, THIS Is Why It's Like a Chair
Chairs are like Facebook but not because we want a break, as the spot says. It's because we want to sit around, talk about ourselves and watch the world go by without getting up. And you need a good chair to do that.
Alan Schroeder: Massachusetts Senate Debates, Round Three: Warren Over Brown
Elizabeth Warren seems to have figured out an effective antidote to the potency of Scott Brown's charms. Unable to match her opponent on charisma, she comes at him with intellect. She gets under his skin, but he doesn't get under hers.
Sandra A. Grossman, Esq.: The Venezuelan Presidential Elections: Neither a "Perfect" nor a "Democratic" Battle
As Venezuela slides further towards authoritarianism, the least we can do is recognize the latest elections were anything but perfect and very far from "democratic."

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