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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
A ground crew searching dense woods in northern Ontario has recovered the body of a man they believe is wanted in the alleged confinement and sexual assault of a teenage boy in Nova Scotia, officers said Thursday.
MP Enrages Transgender Community
Romney 1, Obama 0
Is Canada In Danger Of Losing Its Affordable Housing Stock?
NDP Comes Out Against Chinese Oil Sands Deal
Turkey Approves 'Use Of Force'
Nikki Thomas: How HIV Law Could Spread the Disease
On Friday morning, the Supreme Court of Canada will rule on a particularly contentious issue -- the question of if/when an HIV-positive person is required to disclose their status. At the crux of Cuerrier was the issue of consent, and in 1998, the SCC ruled that one could not reasonably consent to sexual activities without knowing their partner's HIV status. Recklessness is merely exacerbated by the legal situation. This is perhaps the most troublesome aspect of using legal sanctions to deal with what is really a public health issue; people will actively avoid getting tested because it might help them avoid legal consequences.
Hina P. Ansari: Twitter Was the Best Part of this Debate
Well the first debate is in the books. And I'm using the term "debate" rather loosely here. Election season brings forth probably the best reality television there is for me -- though last night was sorely lacking. Thankfully, Twitter kept it highly entertaining because if it weren't for Twitter I, along with Jim Lehrer, would have nodded off 10 minutes in.
Robert L. Borosage: The Etch-A-Sketch Debate
Mitt Romney's stumbling campaign has gotten brutal reviews from the punditry. But last night demonstrated his strength. We know who he is. He believes in more tax breaks for the wealthy, less regulation on the corporations, more corporate trade deals, more money for the military, deep and debilitating cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and every domestic program. The full catastrophe that got us into the mess we are in. But he's prepared to abandon that agenda to sell it, and to do so without even a glimmer of conscience that he forcefully argued the reverse last month. Romney truly is the man from Bain. There he "harvested" profits from companies, by arguing with a straight face that taking on massive debt would benefit the company and its workers. Of course, Bain would pocket its piece up front, but Romney would assure executives and workers we're all in this together. Right.
Andy Juniper: Athletes Are Sexy, Why Make Them Wear Bikinis?
The Bikini Basketball League is currently recruiting "Sexy Athletic Ladies From Around The World" to fill the rosters of its seven teams for the imminent tip-off of its inaugural season.You want to see sexy playing basketball? Tune in to the National Basketball Association or the WNBA. And leave bikini basketball to the buffoons.
J.J. McCullough: Media Bites: These Two Men Are Better Than One
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg It's taken weeks -- no, years -- of frustrated waiting, but the other day anxious Canadians finally got an answer: he's in. Lefties have been swooning and right-wingers have been fuming, but the young dude with the famous name and rock-star reputation is now officially set for the long-haul. Now if only we knew what he actually believed. We're talking, of course, about Omar Khadr.

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