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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
MEDINAH, Ill. -- The scoreboard said 10-6 and just about everyone figured the Ryder Cup was over.

Everyone, that is, but the Europeans.
WATCH: Tebow's First Pass With Jets.. Doesn't End Well
O's, Yankees, Rangers Clinch Playoff Berths
Eagles Edge Giants In Wild Finish
Mike Trout Makes MLB History
LOOK: Sky Writing Mocks Tiger At Ryder Cup
Tio Hardiman: NBA Players in Chicago to Promote Peace and Goodwill
The Basketball Tournament for Peace served as a good example of how professional athletes can help bring young people together and begin the process of bridging the gap between the different groups of warring young men.
Jonathan Kim: ReThink Review: The Iran Job -- Basketball Diplomacy
While the team's struggle to reach the playoffs provides The Iran Job's structure, the film's unexpected heart is Kevin's friendship with three Iranian women -- his physical therapy nurse, Hilda, and her friends Laleh and Elaheh.
Greg Woodburn: Together We All Win
What could be more meaningful to run towards -- to run for -- than joining together in victory? Give your best when you compete, but remember that together we all win. That's courage.
Tim Young: "O" Yeah, I'm Another Fair Weather Fan
I can't deny that something special is happening with this Baltimore team, but I also can't deny that like every other fan of the Orioles a month ago, I was nowhere to be seen.

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