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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
The folks on "Sesame Street" aren't happy with the Obama campaign.

The Sesame Workshop, which runs "Sesame Street," put out a statement on Tuesday asking the campaign to take down a cheeky ad that prominently features Big Bird.
Die-Hard Obama Supporter Freaks Out
ABC News Pushes Back On Debate Moderator Bias Claims
NYT Reporter Sounds Off In Angry Email
Eric Boehlert: Tucker Carlson to Journalists: Pay Attention to Me or You're "Contemptible" and Biased
Sorry Tucker, but ignoring Daily Caller's failed offerings isn't a form of bias. It's just common sense.
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Mr. President: Next Debate, Make Moral Choice Clear
Mr. President, when you walk on stage in the next debate I would like to hear you say that the choice is not just about whose tax plan you like or who has the better health care strategy. It's much more fundamental than that. This is a choice about our national character.
Dan Treadway: NBC Is Stuck in a Century in Which Guys Taking Care of Kids Is a Hilarious Concept
The underlying message dictating that there's something bizarre about a man capably and willingly taking care of his child is at best a dumb commentary and at worst a harmful one.
Michael B. Keegan: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Insult to Injury Tour
When Schwarzenegger says that he wanted his chief-of-staff to have "the kind of wedding and the kind of ceremony that I had when I got married with Maria," I have no doubt that he's telling the truth. He just hasn't seemed to realize that people he doesn't know personally might want the same thing.
Craig Kanalley: The Problem With the Media's Social Media Addiction
Earlier this year, a study found that social media is more addicting than alcohol and cigarettes.

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