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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Breaking news about the economy, everybody: It still stinks. The good news? At least we're not in another recession.

Some of you may think we never left the last recession, and that's understandable. Others will ask, who cares? The economy is so lousy that there's not much difference between recession and growth. Also understandable.
Todd Akin: We Should Be Allowed To Pay Women Less Because 'Freedom'
The Hidden Side Effect Of Obamacare
Romney Rejects The Views Of His Own Adviser
Report: 'Fiscal Cliff' Fall To Cost Typical Middle-Class Families Big Time
How To Automatically Raise A Company's Stock Price
Neil Katz: Mitt Biggest Problem Other Than Saying Crazy Stuff
Mitt Romney's problem, other than saying something offensive to 47 percent of Americans every few days, is that he's running in the wrong party. Sounds crazy, but here's why.
Chris Kelly: Mitt Romney: The DIVX Candidate
No one wanted DIVX. It was just a wish list from the studios. But you can see why they tried it. "I get everything and you get nothing" isn't much of an proposition, but it's worth a shot. Mitt Romney's the same offer, in political terms.
William K. Black: Let's Test Romney's Claims About the 47% by Offering the Unemployed Jobs
Consider the missing aspect of Romney's famous denunciation of the 47% -- jobs. A careful reading shows that Romney implicitly embraces the myth that the wealthy are rich because they are morally superior to the lazy poor and that the poor are not employed because they are lazy.
Michael Moore: Mitt Didn't Build That
From the start, Bain Capital had support from the government. We all built that. Just don't ever mention that in public.
Tim Delaney: Day One on the Edge of the Human Cliff
When Congress passed the Budget Control Act last year, it launched a "sequestration" process mandating massive spending cuts if it failed to reduce the deficit by the end of 2012. The full federal fiscal year officially begins today.

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