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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has claimed Sir Jimmy Savile used his charity fundraising work as a lever to prevent his private life being exposed.

He spoke ahead of a TV documentary being screened this week which alleges the late Sir Jimmy sexually abused schoolgirls during his many years of stardom.

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TV REVIEW: Downton Abbey - Lady Edith's Big... Disaster Finally Arrived
Jonathan Tustain: Could the Time Travelling Killers of 'Looper' Actually Exist?
The futuristic movie Looper has hit the cinemas nationwide, which sees people sent into the past for assassination by hitmen. But is there a neutron of possibility of such a frightening future? A leading time travel expert suggests the film's plotline may not be that outlandish.
Stereo IQ: Muse Attempts to Beat Back Entropy With The 2nd Law
As a follow-up to The Resistance, The 2nd Law is like a mirror-image of the prior album, in that it's good because it's precisely what The Resistance wasn't.
William Hanson: Downton Etiquette Explained - Series 3, Episode 3
Episode 3, perhaps my favourite one of the series to date, contained relatively few etiquette slip-ups, which for a large chunk of the episode worried me that I would have nothing to say! But, panic not, I found some, as well as some other interesting matters of note.
Tom Cook: Why J Cole is Hip-Hop's Last Hope
Drake came across as a simpering, emasculated wreck, as if to appeal to a modern and sexually egalitarian society his record company decided to surgically suck out his machismo. I wouldn't be surprised if he carries his testicles around in a dainty testicles purse.
Jonathan and Charlotte: Back From the Brink of Depression
In the winter of 2010 I exited a relationship that ended messily, though thankfully not violently. Well, not outwardly violently. It was during this relationship and the troubles that it went through, that I started self-harming.

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