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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
Science has spoken: Banks are doomed to suck at trading forever and should be stopped before they crash the global economy again.

A new study by economists Arnoud Boot at the University of Amsterdam and Lev Ratnovski at the International Monetary Fund finds that recent blow-ups in the banking sector -- JPMorgan Chase's $6.8 billion "London Whale" losses and that whole financial-crisis thingy, to name two -- are not isolated events, but "a sign of deeper structural problems in the financial system."
'I'm A Piece Of Garbage As Far As These People Are Concerned'
Arrests At Bain-Owned Plant
Halliburton Finds Its Radioactive Rod On The Side Of The Road
CEO Basically Tells Employees That Romney Is The Savior
Irate Princeton Economist: Obama TOTALLY Misrepresenting My Work
Jeff Connaughton: The Biggest Kiss: How Neither Political Party Wants to Break Up the Biggest Banks
Neither Mitt Romney and the Republicans nor President Obama and many Democrats favor breaking up the big banks, the best way to prevent another taxpayer bailout after a financial crisis.
Wendell Potter: Romney's Phony Answers to Tough Health Care Questions
The next time you hear a candidate tell you how great it will be when insurers can sell their products across state lines, be aware that they already can. They just don't have the slightest interest in doing so.
Mitch Rofsky: Forget Losing the Debate -- Is Obama Losing the Liberal Moment?
The president's showing called into question not just his approach to this one event, but his ability to extend that rare occurrence: the liberal moment.
Riane Eisler: The Missing Majority: Domestic Policy Through a Woman-less Lens
Women are 52 percent of the U.S. population. But not once did either Obama or Romney even give a nod in their direction for the hour and a half they debated U.S. domestic policy. This woman-less lens is not only disastrous for women, but for us all.
Leo W. Gerard: Mitt Romney: Magic Man
Now you see severely conservative Romney, now you don't. The GOP nominee asks Americans to engage in magical thinking -- to believe his hocus-pocus is not just a stage show but will actually painlessly solve problems.

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