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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear a dispute between a soybean farmer and Monsanto Co. over the company's efforts to limit farmers' use of its patented, genetically engineered Roundup Ready seeds.
'What Next For The Oil And Gas Industry?'
Ryan Wants To 'Unlock' Energy
Gulf Coast Senators Seek Fair Deal
Scientists Close In On The Cause Of Arctic Methane Leaks
Greenhouse Gases Rise With GDP, Slower To Fall In Recession
Catholic Relief Services: Climate Change Threatens Maize and Bean Farmers in Central America
Climate change is real, and it is going to have real effects on real people in Central America. That is evident in a new report that for the first time takes a specific look at the impact of climate change on a local level.
Richard Steiner: On Columbus Day, It's Time to Rethink Our 'Manifest Destiny'
There is a better way to govern our last frontiers. The first thing we need is a "timeout." We need a lot more science, and more deliberate thinking about whether this frontier development will help, or hinder, our quest for a sustainable future.
Julie Brothers: Farm to Fork Across America: Food You Can Trust From Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego
Through the unique combination of city-provided land and partner-provided funding, programs and labor, Lake Oswego has intuitively actualized a sustainable community farming model for other cities to follow.
Steven Cohen: Cuomo's Careful Approach to Fracking
The highly charged political environment around hydraulic fracturing is the direct result of the hard-charging, damn-the-torpedoes strategy of the gas companies and their allies to get that gas at any cost.
Wm. Robert Irvin: River Restoration Progress Threatened by Extreme Bill
Communities nationwide are benefiting from efforts to removed unsafe, outdated dams and restore river health. In the U.S., more than 1,100 dams that have outlived their usefulness have been taken down over the past 100 years. The United States is the global leader in river restoration through dam removal.

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