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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
PHOENIX -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent opened fire on a group of people throwing rocks from across the Mexican border, killing a teenage boy and eliciting outrage from the Mexican government over the use of lethal force, authorities said Thursday.

The agents in Nogales, Ariz., had responded to reports of two suspected drugs smugglers near the border at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. The agents watched the two abandon a load of narcotics, then run back to Mexico, according to the Border Patrol.
Who Do You Think Won The VP Debate?
Puerto Ricans Prefer The Status Quo, Says Poll
WATCH: Censored Siqueiros Mural Re-Unveiled
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara And 9 Other Latino Revolutionaries (SLIDESHOW)
Wendy Kopp: Diversity and Merit in College Admissions: A False Dichotomy
All eyes are on the Supreme Court today as it considers Fisher v. University of Texas, its first case on the use of race in college admissions since 2003. If the Court sides with Fisher, our nation's colleges could soon become much less diverse -- with major repercussions in every sector of society.
Hector Timerman: Freedom of Press as Understood by the Argentine Media Monopoly
The media's actions speak louder than their words: It is difficult to imagine any other country where alleged restrictions on press freedom result in years of venomous newspaper covers, critical television programs and snarky radio programs with an utter lack of meaningful official retaliation.
Javier Sierra: A Recognition to Cesar Chavez's Monumental Environmental Legacy
Today, the places where Cesar Chavez lived and worked have become a national monument to the immense significance of his life and the wonderful example of an existence devoted to do as much good for the rest of humanity as possible.
Jonathan Del Arco: Pregnant... With Anticipation
Simply put, I'm gay, Latino and an immigrant so this President has displayed his love for me many times over, I though it was my turn to give it back.
Adrianna Quintero: Mitt Romney Out of Touch with Latino Voters on Clean Energy and Health Issues
With 12.2 million Latinos projected to vote in November, the race is on to capture Latino support in key battleground states. But even as Gov. Romney scrambles to appeal to Latino voters, new polling confirms that he couldn't be more out of touch when it comes to our energy future.

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