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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
At a time when British women are feeling the pain of the recession more than men, American feminist author Hanna Rosin has provided a much needed shot of positivity.

In her latest book The End Of Men, published in the UK this week, Rosin points out that women have fundamentally reorganised the world's economy in just half a century.

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Which Is Your Favourite October Superfood?
Spotless Homes Don't Help Prevent Allergies
Saudi Arabia: Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates 'Lower' In UK
Abortion Comments Are 'Anti-Women' And Have No Basis In Science, Says Diane Abbott
Tom Edwards: Cyclists, for the Sake of Progress, be Nice to Everyone
I nearly died today. I am one of London's many cyclists and was cruising along one of London's many designated lanes when I was almost run down by a car turning through traffic into a road on my left.
Simon Cox: Death Shouldn't Mean Debt
Although too often an afterthought, end of life costs should form a central part of this planning; a loved one passing away is a difficult enough time as it is, unattended and unexpected financial costs should not add further upset at a time when loved ones are grieving.
Ellen Seidman: Watching My Son, Max, Climb The Stairs For The First Time
When milestones like this happen, I flash back to my first meeting with Sue, the most lovely Early Intervention coordinator. "He will surprise and amaze you, you'll see," she said. He's never stopped.
Hollie Moat: Breaking Up is Hard to... Dress For
My boyfriend and I split three weeks ago and unlike previous break-ups, this time I was neither so nonchalant I barely noticed, or so devastated I didn't want to get out of my pyjamas. But all of a sudden standing in front of the wardrobe in the morning started giving me a massive headache.
Thomas Dixon: Forgotten Feelings: Our Emotional Past
What on earth has happened to the national reserve and emotional continence for which we Brits were once internationally famed? Where is the 'stiff upper lip' attributed to 'good Queen Bess' and the Duke of Wellington by George and Ira Gershwin in 1937?

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