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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
It's that time of the year again! Halloween is just a month away, so we know you're already on the lookout for hilarious and culturally relevant costumes for 2012. And just like last year, we've got you covered with topical costumes for just about everyone.
WATCH: 'South Park' Takes On Honey Boo Boo
WATCH: 'Americans Are Just Looking For Assurance That The Next President Isn't A Weirdo'
Colbert: Oprah Gave Me Steak Knives
Mitt Romney's Chipotle Photo Op Goes Awry
Layla Demay: Vive le Bill (Clinton)
While Bill Clinton was the uncontested winner of the Democratic National Convention and its aftermath, many thought, if only he could be president again. Think no more: Bill Clinton, being the genius that he is, has found the solution.
Jason Kitchen: Hunting Season in the Great State of Michigan (and Why I Just Don't Get It)
I remain unable to fathom deriving enjoyment from dressing up in camouflage and occupying a tree fort for hours on end. I don't understand why, if the goal is to obtain food, one doesn't simply visit their local supermarket that surely offers everything from salted-cured meats to rump roasts.
Evan Shapiro: We Have Watched 2,100 Years of 'Gangnam Style'
News Flash: People are wasting a lot of time online. No, really, it's true. While this may not be news to some of you (especially anyone with a "FarmVille" account), the sheer magnitude of the amount of wasted time may surprise even the most jaded among you.
Dean Obeidallah: Advice to Obama and Romney for Debates: Be Funny!
Past presidential candidates have used comedy in the debates, and guess what, they won the election. Obviously that's not the only reason they won, but you can't deny it helped them.
Doug Lansky: Crap Souvenirs From Around the World
My wife and I often play a game while waiting in airports for our planes to depart. We enter a gift shop and try to see who can find the tackiest souvenir.

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