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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
It's time for Generation Y to get off those couches and computers. A recent report found the inactivity of Canada's youth, combined with obesity epidemic, is something Canadians can't ignore.
The Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs In Canada
McDonald's Proves Its Burgers Are 100% Beef
10 Most Innovative Food Products Heading Your Way In 2013
LOOK: Famous Women Replaced With IKEA Products
Ask Healthy Living: How Bad Is It To Crack Your Neck?
Marni Wasserman: Your Guide to a Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Meal
Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Having everyone over in the comfort of your home will ensure that you know exactly what is on the menu! This way you can plan a diverse meal that is hearty, healthy and delicious! Tell people what to bring, prepare food together or make it all yourself! Whatever works for you, make it happen and enjoy the perfect balanced holiday meal!
Lily Sarafan: Four Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer's
In observance of World Alzheimer's Month, we have put together a list of foods with protective benefits against Alzheimer's disease. It's important to take note which of these foods you are consuming on a daily basis and which you may opt to include in your daily diet.
Samantha Kemp-Jackson: Stop Using Kids as Door-to-Door Fundraisers
Who hasn't bought some waxy, chocolate-covered almonds from a kid that was selling them door-to-door? As schools are increasingly looking for ways to raise funds due to funding cutbacks and otherwise, the topic of fundraising- by-child is not going away anytime soon. This model for getting money into the schools' coffers may be effective, but at what cost?
Joan Sutton: The Best Alzheimer's Support Network Is Virtual
2012-09-11-Alzheimersbanner2.png I have found online support groups to be a tremendous help. I can turn to them any time, in the middle of the night if necessary, skim through the various postings to find the ones that have situations similar to mine. Those postings have provided me with a great learning lifeline. So, I will offer no advice. Each caregiver must find his or her own way. But over the next few postings I will share some things that have worked for me.
Kerry Harris: Rebrand: Kevin O'Leary's One Note is Getting Old
Dear Kevin O'Leary, building a personal brand takes time and I must start this note by congratulating you for the work that you have done thus far! But, there's just the little, tiny, smallest of small challenge of you being universally known as a one-note wonder, an annoying, small man with a huge ego -- that could be an issue. Trust me, Kev, I am sure that with some humility, good deeds and follow-through we can put some gas in your tank and start to build that ever-important legacy brand.

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