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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Every day I go to great lengths to hide what I really look like. Every day I make sure you don't see what I do every morning when I wake up and look in my bathroom mirror. Because I have a disorder that an estimated 2-4 percent of the nation has. Few know about it, and even fewer are willing to talk about it.
Is The GOP The More 'Feminine' Party?
5 Ways To Know You're Having Revenge Sex
Our Favorite 'Revenge' Tweets
SLIDESHOW: The Women Of Congress As You've Never Seen Them
LOOK: Your Best Weekend Ever
Alex Budman: 'Lady Gaga Tweeted About Me'
You never know who is reading your work and where it might end up.
Patty Brisben: Like Fine Wine, Sex Gets Better With Age
As we age, we acquire a greater understanding of our own bodies, our partners' bodies and what buttons to push to please them both.
Annie Stein: Losing Leigh: Remembering A Friend Recently Lost To Cancer
Let's get into the real story. It's not the way she fought, and it's not that she died. That's not the story at all.
Sheila Moeschen: Where the Girls Aren't: What the Absence of Female Friendships on Network TV Reveals
Perhaps the lack of prominent female friendships in network television is the response to a kind of cultural anxiety in the wake of books and articles trumpeting "the end of men."

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