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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
I found out my parents were splitting up at a "family meeting." It would be the last family meeting we'd ever have.
14 YEARS LATER: Where The 'Step By Step' Cast Is Now
Arnold: Maria And I Will 'Get Back Together Again'
26 Reasons Your Relationship Won't Work Out
The Big Lie About 'Failed' Marriages
Annette Powers: Why I'm Giving Up On Forgiveness
As I obsessed over how to forgive, I spent hours thinking about how much I had been wronged. It wasn't helping me move forward at all.
Janis Spindel: Three Signs You Have Fallen In Love After Divorce
After divorce, you may be finding it difficult to tell if you are really in love with your new partner. After sharing so much with someone else, the dating world may seem confusing and like an emotional roller coaster!
Ann Brenoff: 9 Reasons Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Me Cringe
Arnold-the-womanizer had no problem fessing up to his multiple affairs. On more than one occasion, he reminded interviewer Stahl that anything not in the book was off-limits for the interview -- making us think that his "unbelievably true" life story might have a sequel: "Who I Screwed Post-65?"
Stann Givens: An Astounding New Finding About Gray Divorce
For many, life in their 50's is not what they had hoped for.

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