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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
There are millions, if not billions, of bridges in the world, most of which are likely utilitarian. Yet some engineers take it upon themselves to make their creations unique and eye-catching, almost like works of art.

Sure, some bridges are pretty like the Brooklyn Bridge. But what about the ones that stop you cold? The ones that cause you to think: "How'd they do that?"

A Bomb-Detecting Airport Gate?
PHOTOS: Eating Around The World At Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival
PHOTOS: Leaf Peeping And Oktoberfest On The Hudson River
Lower 9th Ward Residents Take On Katrina Tours
American Airlines: Seats Are Good To Go
Oyster: Oyster's Guide To Gay-Friendly Travel (PHOTOS)
The LGBTQIA community has its own set of travel concerns, so fortunately there are countless organizations that have established guidelines to ensure that traveling gays and lesbians are safe, welcome and happy in their travels.
Christine Negroni: Explaining AA's Airline Seat Woes
Passengers think of airline seats mostly in terms of space and comfort (most often noticing the absence of both) but the news that American Airlines has grounded eight of the Boeing 757s in its fleet after some seats shifted in flight is all about safety.
Erin Farber: 10 Things Americans Can Learn From Amsterdammers
While this small country may be relatively unfamiliar to many -- who confuse its guttural language with German and tall, blonde citizens with the Danes -- there is actually a wealth of life lessons that Americans can learn from the people of the low lands. Here are my top 10. And no, none of them have to do with red lights or herbal delights.
Food & Wine: Best Travel Destinations Seen On Screen
Food & Wine names the best travel destinations seen on screen.
U.S. News Travel: Best Places To Visit This Fall
How do you break up the long stretch of time between summer vacation and the holidays? With a fall break, of course. Autumn is a shoulder season for many destinations, which means discounted hotel rooms and cheaper airfare are easy to find.

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