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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
It's Banned Books Week -- which is a great time to remember that Tucson Unified School District in Arizona still won't allow seven books into its classrooms because they once belonged to a controversial Mexican American Studies curriculum.

The Arizona legislature passed legislation in 2010 banning public school courses promoting ethnic solidarity. Aimed squarely at a controversial Mexican American Studies curriculum in Tucson Unified School District accused by conservatives of politicizing the students, state officials told the school board to drop the program or face losing $14 million in funding over the fiscal year. When teachers and students challenged the decision in court, the school pulled seven books from classrooms -- all but two written by Latino authors.
Yoani Sanchez Arrested, Reports From Cuba Say
Romney, Obama Should Not Celebrate Debate
U.S. Offends Puerto Rico With Vieques Bomb Site Cleanup Plan
Don't Ask, Won't Answer: Debate Leaves Questions On Moderator Diversity, Domestic Policy
Jim Buzinski: Boxer Orlando Cruz Coming Out as Gay Is Awesome, But It Won't Lead to a Flood of Out Athletes
What Cruz did is awesome, and he will be a role model; every athlete who comes out is. But this doesn't mean we will see a parade of fighters (or other athletes) coming out. It doesn't work that way. For anyone, coming out is an intensely personal decision.
Rev. Al Sharpton: 50 Years of Progress Should Not Be Erased With One Ruling
We cannot allow 50 years of progress since the day James Meredith enrolled in the University of Mississippi to be erased with one ruling. Far too much is at stake for us to remain silent.
Jeff Biggers: President Obama: Don't Forget Cesar Chavez's Arizona Legacy At Your Oct. 8th National Monument Ceremony
When President Obama travels to Keene, California on Monday, October 8th, to establish the César E. Chávez National Monument, I hope he publicly recalls the Arizona native's towering legacy in civil rights and immigration showdowns in Arizona today.
Gabriel Sanchez Zinny: The Changing Face of Foreign Assistance
The rise of emerging economies has been the dominant economic story of the past decade. While traditional economic powerhouses continue to make up the largest share of total output, developing economies have been growing faster and representing an ever larger share of world GDP.
Eduardo Diaz: How I Love the Classics
While watching the Mambo Legends Orchestra, my eyes would occasionally drift to the dance floor. I smiled as enthralled dancers, older and young, demonstrated that they were totally hip to what was happening on stage.

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