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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Hey, San Francisco. We don't know if you've looked at the calendar lately; you may have been too busy soaking up that sunshine in Dolores Park. But we just did a double take at our schedule and there's no doubt about it: this might be San Francisco's best week ever.

Allow us to count the ways: one of the biggest music festivals in Golden Gate Park; MLB playoffs and our team is in the postseason; the city's biggest literary event; all-you-can-drink whiskey; America's Cup; a street fair; a parade--need we even go on?
Christian Group Files Suit Against California's New 'Gay Therapy' Law
Local CEO Becomes 'Billionaire With The Most Beach Houses'
PHOTOS: Take A Tour Of SF's Most Iconic Movie Landmarks
WATCH: The Governator Stops By 'The Daily Show'
Andy Kroll: Back to $chool: College Is the Past, Prison Is the Future
California's public higher education system is dying a slow death. The promise of a cheap, quality education is slipping away. And don't think the slow rot of public education is unique to California: that state's woes are the nation's.
Lisa Reeves: Yeah, Yeah, I'm Having It All, Yawn
Having it all isn't a one-size-fits-all notion, and it's not just about balancing your work and life. It's the evolution of work and life. Still, the debate rages on, as seen in this week's headlines with the birth of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's first child.
Rick Jacobs: An Open Letter to the LGBT Community: We Need Labor
It's time for the LGBT communities to line up to oppose Prop. 32. You may have mixed feelings about labor unions, but the evidence is clear: If we lose organized labor as a funded political ally in California,the LGBT movement is in big trouble.
Vicky Shorr: The Question Lesley Stahl Didn't Ask
What do you call a sexual relationship when the woman can't say no? When the woman is an underling -- not just an employee but a foreign one who absolutely cannot afford to quit?
John Pavley: iPhone 5: It's Morning in Technology Land
While the iPhone 5 release is a devastating flub for Apple it's a fantastic opportunity for the rest of us.

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