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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Miguel Cabrera became the 15th player to win baseball's Triple Crown on Wednesday night, the reluctant superstar thrust into the spotlight after joining an elite list that includes Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig.

Cabrera's milestone wasn't official until the Yankees pinch hit for Curtis Granderson in their game against the Boston Red Sox. Granderson had homered twice to reach 43 for the year, tied with the Rangers' Josh Hamilton and one shy of Cabrera.
Yankees Clinch AL East Title
Tragedy Strikes A's
WATCH: Ronaldo Hat Trick Lifts Madrid In Champions League
Lolo Jones Causes Uproar
LOOK: Michelle Jenneke Warms Up In The Rain
Nikki Stone: Losing Control
Many people think that because I took part in an individual -- versus team -- sport, there wasn't a teamwork element. I absolutely guarantee that I wouldn't have my Olympic medal if I didn't know how to find, rely on and get help from many people around me.
Jake Fischer: The Mesmerizing Impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games
The Olympics stood for so many things, patriotism, innovation, sportsmanship and impressionism among many. Similarly, study abroad also can stand for many values and traits.
Kelli Gail: The Legend of Brian Dawkins
In a city that gleefully vilifies most of its athletes, 'BDawk' tapped into the passion that defines the sports fanatics in Philadelphia. Dawkin's fearless style of leaving everything on the field resonated with even the toughest Eagles critics.
Warren K. Zola: The Untenable Dichotomy in College Athletics
Darwinian principles have taken control of college athletics, further dividing institutions in the power conferences from everyone else. Just as Icarus followed his unchecked ambition and flew towards the sun, so too is college athletics chasing excess towards disaster.

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