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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
AKCAKALE, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey fired on Syrian targets for a second day Thursday but said it has no intention of declaring war, despite tensions after deadly shelling from Syria killed five civilians in a Turkish border town. The border violence has added a dangerous new dimension to a conflict that is pulling Syria's neighbors deeper into what already resembles a proxy war.
U.S. Military Unable to Defeat Afghan IEDS, Insider Attacks
Police Reportedly Rape Woman, Charge Her With Violating Modesty Laws
Last Native Speaker Of Biblically Influenced English Dialect Dies
Chavez Fights Young Challenger In Heated Election
Western Sanctions Hit Iran Hard
Melanne Verveer: Burma's Women Give Hope for Country's Future
We came to realize that even after years of isolation and repression, Burma's women had built a strong and resilient civil society and had found resourceful ways to meet critical needs in local communities.
David L. Phillips: Looking for Friends in the Middle East: Try the Kurds
Regardless of the outcome to Syria's civil war, the United States will have no friends in Syria except the Kurds. U.S.-Kurdish rapprochement would serve as a counter-weight to political demagogy and Islamist extremism.
Nikolas Kozloff: Venezuela: Bolivarian Revolution on the Line in Crucial Election
My guess is that Hugo Chávez will ultimately prevail in his nation's presidential election, but it's still anyone's guess as to what might happen. If the race is close, Venezuela could descend into political destabilization or even chaos, which is surely a worrying prospect.
Austin Dacey: Cognitive Bias and the Blame for Benghazi
How much blame is deserved by the morally unlucky producers of incendiary material that sparks violence given that the Internet and the rest of the world is littered with loads of comparable material that, as it happens, does not?
Susan Bernofsky: Michael Henry Heim: PEN Translation Fund Donor's Identity Revealed
"He was enormously embarrassed at the thought of being publicly associated with the donation, and insisted on complete anonymity. Mike had a visceral horror of money, which he associated with excess. He explained that the money was the death benefit that his mother received in 1945."

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