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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012
Jeez, Wall Street and Dodd-Frank, get a room already!

It turns out that all of the Dodd-Frank bashing that Jamie Dimon and the other heads of big New York banks constantly do is just their version of how married couples might use a little light S&M to keep things spicy in the bedroom.
Too Fat To Work?
The Debate's Elephant In The Room
AARP To Obama: Stop Talking About Us
Jamie Dimon Nearly Became CEO Of Home Depot
Romney's 10 Most Baseless Claims At The First Debate
Robert Reich: The First Presidential Debate
In Wednesday night's debate, Romney won on style while Obama won on substance. Romney sounded as if he had conviction, which means he's either convinced himself that the lies he tells are true or he's a fabulous actor.
Lynn Taliento: Crowdsourcing Social Impact
Competition: it's the life's blood of the American economy. So how about a contest to help solve one of the country's most intractable problems -- the jobs crisis that has left more than 20 million Americans out of work or underemployed?
Janet Tavakoli: Déjà Vu: When Money Dies
What happens when a country's currency is in freefall? You need look no further than current turmoil in Iran to find out.
Anthony Tjan: The Most Important Job Interview Question
n. As soon as you have the sense that you have a qualified candidate, start balancing your interview mode with sell mode. Explain why you and your firm make sense for the candidate, why you are a natural choice. Then ask the most important question -- would they choose you?
Jed Kolko: First Presidential Debate: Apparently, This Housing Crisis Is Over
There's a long list of what the candidates didn't say about housing: not a word about refinancing, principal reductions, selling government-owned foreclosed homes, or the mortgage interest deduction. Why wasn't there more debate over housing?

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