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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
Facebook Inc is testing a feature that lets users of the social network create "wishlists" of home furnishings, clothing and other retail products, laying the groundwork for what some believe could be an eventual push into e-commerce.
Jack Dorsey's Role At Twitter Reduced Because He's 'Difficult To Work With'
Facebook To Class-Action Users: OK OK, Instead Of $0, Have A Hamilton
What Does This Text Even Mean?!
The Website Enabling Women To Become Entrepreneurs
Lawmakers Slam 2 Chinese Tech Giants As Security Threats
Craig Kanalley: The Problem With the Media's Social Media Addiction
Earlier this year, a study found that social media is more addicting than alcohol and cigarettes.
Foodbeast: Can a Half-star Difference on Yelp Destroy a Restaurant's Business?
Review aggregate website serves over 78 million unique people monthly, who use the site to sift through over 40 million reviews. These are monstrous stats, as the now ubiquitous review system serves as a powerful gateway between consumer and potential new dining experience.
Ben Barber: Worms Clean Toxic Metals from Indian Soil
This past summer showed how under climate change, the resulting droughts could rob fracking operations of water, an essential ingredient needed to harvest oil and gas from shale deposits, reports Michael Klare at Tomdispatch.
John Pavley: Prediction: Facebook Hits 2 Billion Users in 2014
I've crudely plotted Facebook's user growth in an old notebook, ignoring all sorts of factors that I don't know: attrition rate, macroeconomics, tech scalability, global warming, and the number of cat videos on the Internet.
Shawn Amos: WATCH: 60 Seconds of Social Media
The first 2012 presidential debate was the most Tweeted-about event in U.S. politics history. And what were we Tweeting about? Big Bird, largely.

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