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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012
Now, don't get us wrong. We rather like Adele's Bond theme, Skyfall. But it does rhyme 'skyfall' with 'crumble'. Which got us thinking: What is the worst rhyme in pop music history? From Madonna to Shakira, check out our slideshow and playlist of so-bad-they're-brilliant lyrics.

Click on the picture above to see the lyrics and hear the songs -
and click on the links below for more giggles
The Jon Stewart/Bill O'Reilly Debate In Full
WATCH: Photocopier Prank Goes Wrong
The Funniest Spoof David Cameron Tweets
WATCH: Nun Steals Beer, Is Caught On CCTV
Maymo The Beagle In Ultimate Dog-Shaming
Jim Smallman: Make Your Own Glastonbury
I awoke Sunday morning to a storm of complaints on my Twitter timeline because nobody could get hold of Glastonbury tickets. With this in mind, I have drawn up the following tips to enable you to have your own Glastonbury in the comfort of your own home, saving you several hundreds of pounds and giving you EXACTLY the same experience.
Andrea Mann: This Just In: Beautiful Women Can Be Funny, Too
I'd say that Britain has a problem with beautiful women being funny while Hollywood has a problem with not-conventionally-beautiful women being funny. But that's because Hollywood has a problem with not-conventionally-beautiful women, full stop.
Gavin Roach: Life on the Road
How is it that I find myself in this situation I hear you ask? Well my ever faithful readers I am on tour again. I have been on tour with my one-man show, Confessions of a Grindr Addict, for the better part of six months. Sounds like an exciting and adventurous life right? Well it can be, honestly, but there are some days, every so often, that you wonder why you do it.
Naomi Hefter: Twenty-Three Times Was Enough
I've been fired from 23, yes TWENTY THREE, reception jobs. I've slept with less people! Reasons being too eccentric, too opinionated, too animated, too glamorous, too loud, too crude, even too attractive - some people really need to get a grip - oh and for waxing my "lady garden" under my desk... Hey, I was bored out my brains!
Alistair Coleman: Like a Clown Car Crashing Into Another Clown Car - Tragic, but It's Only Clowns
Back in the 1990s when I was some sort of feckless idiot, I was a member of the high-IQ organisation Mensa. I know what you're thinking, but the stark truth is that they know how to throw a good party, and I have yet to apologise to forthright TV critic Garry Bushell-On-The-Box for making off with his umbrella after a boozy Mensa evening in a rainy London.

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