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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
I lose everything. For instance, I lost my little proof of service slip from jury duty, and then I got another jury duty notice.

I called the Manhattan county clerk about twenty times, trying to get evidence that I'd showed up. No one answered. Finally, on my fifth call of the day, a man picked up the phone. I quickly explained the situation.

"When you're given proof of service, it is a very important document," he informed me sternly. "It is not something you can just put down and forget about. You need to be more responsible."

And this is when my voice changed. "I understand," I said in a breathier, higher, more excitable voice.
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Pregnancy and childbirth is still the leading cause of death for teenage girls in the poorest corners of the word, and despite all the progress in reducing maternal mortality by 47 percent we have yet to save these young, vulnerable lives. One of the biggest issues to resolve is child marriage.
Sarah Albertson-Corkery: The Little C
I did it for a lot of good reasons, but most of all for Lucy. This affects her now too. My surgery is Oct. 10. It's one day before she turns 6. Hopefully, I'll be coming home that day. She said it's okay because I'll probably be bringing her a present, "as long as it's light" she added.
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Depression knocked at my door as cancer exited.

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