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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Winona Ryder shocked fans when she debuted a slimmer figure for her role in 2010's Oscar-winning film "Black Swan," and it appears she's back on another movie diet.
'Ru Paul's Drag Race' Star Dies At 27
Kardashian Family Photo Shoot: This Is How They Do It
Jenny McCarthy: 'Jesus Was My Justin Bieber'
PHOTOS: Kate Upton Lands Her Most Fitting Cover Yet
LeAnn Rimes Talks Cyberbullying: 'It's Really Hard'
Evan Shapiro: We Have Watched 2,100 Years of 'Gangnam Style'
News Flash: People are wasting a lot of time online. No, really, it's true. While this may not be news to some of you (especially anyone with a "FarmVille" account), the sheer magnitude of the amount of wasted time may surprise even the most jaded among you.
Jaimie Etkin: 'The Voice' Recap: Cody Belew Is the Cutest Contestant Ever
There was another former boybander, another back-up singer and many pretty young things for Cee Lo to drool over -- expect Christina is the one that seems to have her eye on them. Plus, we meet perhaps the cutest singer ever to grace "The Voice."
Ann Brenoff: 9 Reasons Why Arnold Is An Icky-Doo
Arnold-the-womanizer had no problem fessing up to his multiple affairs. On more than one occasion, he reminded interviewer Stahl that anything not in the book was off-limits for the interview -- making us think that his "unbelievably true" life story might have a sequel: "Who I Screwed Post-65?"
James Franco: A Search for the Real: Summer Is Over
I am usually drawn to work that deals with the world of mass consumerism and popular culture. I find myself very attracted to work that uses the flashy opacity of fast food and modern living to critique and examine the way we live now.
Esther Lofgren: What Happens at the Olympics...
Everything post-Olympics over in London was pretty amazing. Not as debaucherous as everyone keeps wondering, but an incredible trip, with every single day jam-packed with awesome.

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