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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Canada's young people are entering adulthood at a time of "seismic shifts" in the social landscape, an era in which the usual transitions from school to a career, family and home ownership have been drastically altered, a new report says.
Did Canada Just Sign A 'Corporate Rights Pact'?
Mob Boss Helped Decide Where Roads Would Be Built, Inquiry Hears
Did SNC-Lavalin Bribe Its Way To A Huge Contract?
NDP MP Battles 'Wasteful' iPhone 5
Samsung Doesn't Want To Sue Over The iPhone 5, But..
Bill Destler: Why Electric Cars Are Our Future
Here are a few of the reasons that I have learned that lead me to believe that within 50 years a majority of our cars will be equipped with electric drivetrains.
Russell J. Sapienza, Jr.: Ready, Willing and Able? Consumer Attitudes on Data Privacy
Today's consumers are eager for companies to deliver stimulating entertainment and media services -- and for the most part are willing to share personal information to get it.
Catherine McKenzie: Should Twitter Decide Our Political Leaders? Uh, No
Why is the number of Twitter followers he has even part of the discussion? By this logic, Lady Gaga (with almost 30 million Twitter followers, approaching the entire population of Canada) would have the U.S. election in the bag if she decided to run.
Wade Davis: Tsunami of Industrial Development Threatens B.C.'s Sacred Headwaters
This is not a story of Tibet or the Amazon. It is a story of my own backyard, a land known to the Tahltan people and all the First Nations of British Columbia as the Sacred Headwaters. Through time, isolation has been the area's saving grace; now this very isolation could be its doom.
Kolby Solinsky: Chick-fil-A: Still Serving up Hate With a Side of Fries
On Friday, the puppet poultry establishment, Chick-fil-a, released another statement opposing same-sex marriage, this one printed on Mike Huckabee's website. Honestly... you're a chicken store. You sell undercooked squawk. Nobody cares what you think about gay marriage so stop shoving it down our throats.

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